Features of ZFP PACS Viewer

ZFP PACS Viewer Web based DICOM viewer software features
Robust technology platform

The ZFP can easily be hosted on the cloud or on-premise with hundreds of simultaneous users. The ZFP supports low bandwidth applications to offer easy and secure access to clinical data from anywhere.

Freedom of choice

The ZFP can be accessed using any browser like IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari. It works on smartphones, iPad, tablets, laptops or workstations making it truly device agnostic.

API Integration

The context-based integration with any EMR enables image review without additional logins. Our ZFP works standalone or with PACS solutions.

Viewing interface for any image

From Ultrasound to Cath lab, General X-ray to MRI, the ZFP intuitively brings the right function and viewing experience.

Functionality of ZFP Viewer

Review, distribute and collaborate

With its superior design and easy scalability, ZFP is a viewer of choice for review, distribution and collaboration.

Portal for clinical image access

ZFP’s versatile multi-modality viewer acts as portal to access all clinical data from radiology, cardiology, oncology and any ology.

ZFP PACS Viewer Web based DICOM viewer software Funcationality


Emergency decisions

Using ZFP critical decisions can be taken during trauma and other emergencies without the need to visit the hospital.

Enterprise image distribution

ZFP can be tightly integrated with EMR enabling point of care access for referring physicians and surgeons.

ZFP PACS Viewer Web based DICOM viewer software Benefits

Collaborative sharing

For referrals and second opinions, images can be securely shared with anyone outside the hospital improving patient confidence and ensuring the highest level of care.

Improved throughput and ROI

The low bandwidth and device-agnostic design will let the hospitals use existing hardware platforms. Coupled with our innovative business models hospitals reduce cost and improve ROI.


ZFP can be integrated with any EMR or PACS. For additional information please refer to our integration page.


Our ZFP supports the following deployment models

  • On-premise installation – All hardware installed at customer premises
  • Private cloud – All hardware on a private cloud either customer-owned or through SoftLink cloud
  • Public cloud – All hardware services hosted on a public cloud like Amazon or azure
  • Pay per use model – All hardware owned and hosted by SoftLink and customer pays only for the usage of the ZFP application


  • All in one viewer
  • Device agnostic
  • Browser independent
  • EMR interface

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