Radiology Solution

SoftLink’s radiology solutions are configurable from mid-sized hospitals to multi-site enterprises. The end-to-end solution for radiology include Imagine RIS, Imagine PACS, and enterprise Zero Foot Print viewer.

We offer all functionalities to manage patient flow, image acquisition, post-processing, radiology reporting, storage, and enterprise distribution. We offer modular add-on functionalities to address additional requirements like master patient index and inventory modules.

The patented  HL7 engine and Vendor Neutral Archive modules are offered to ensure fully integrated workflows. Our highly experienced implementation and integration teams have delivered hundreds of successful projects.

Scalable Enterprise Radiology Workflow Solutions by SoftLink

Radiology Solutions Radiology IT Workflow solutions Radiology Business solution

Radiology IT Solutios

Our IDS solution automates all processes of the diagnostic center to deliver faster report turnaround time, cost-efficient services, and better accessibility to clinical data. We offer a customized functionality bundle using SoftLink’s HIS, RIS, PACS, and ZFP applications. This allows radiology centers to meet their needs while keeping the cost and IT management complexity to a bare minimum level.

Imagine Diagnostic Suite - a custom designed Radiology IT solution for diagnostic centers

Radiology Solutions Radiology Workflow Solutions for Diagnostic Center



IDS- Imagine Diagnostic Suite

The Imagine Diagnostic Suite (IDS) is a solution bundle that helps radiology centers and clinics to go fully filmless & paperless in their operations. The smartly crafted bundle includes functionalities like patient registration, payment gateways, procedure scheduling, reporting, inventory management, diagnostic pathology, and billing.

Mobile enabled…

IDS functionalities are accessible via mobile devices and are also configurable based on user profiles. The application, being cloud-based, greatly increases the user’s experience and is available for all IDS customers as an add-on.



Vendor Neutrality

SoftLink’s vendor-neutral software ensures that all clinical information stored in the SoftLink radiology archive is non-proprietary. This offers platform independence for future PACS migrations and investment protection to the clients.


Business Continuity

With our infrastructure partners like IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Amazon and VMware we offer designs that exactly meet the performance, reliability, and budget needs of the customers. Our hardware design options include high availability, full redundancy, active failover, disaster recovery, and full cloud hosting.


HL7 Integration

SoftLink’s HL7 engine is recommended as a standard for all PACS solutions due to its simplicity, high success and dependability. Our skilled integration team has delivered very complex integrations on multiple occasions. Our team makes sure that the customer has a fully integrated solution to eliminate data re-entry errors and avoid polluted patient databases.

Case Studies


  • Patient registration
  • Order creation
  • Modality worklist
  • Image storage
  • Enterprise distribution
  • Business continuity
  • Integration, migration, training, testing and handing over

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