Custom Engineering

SoftLink International is a company with deep expertise in the healthcare domain. Our project management team adheres to strict review, change and escalation management processes to ensure the sponsors are fully informed, the scope is well managed and project is delivered on time. Be it a device interface development or a custom software product development, our team will demonstrate quick understanding of the needs, co-create with sponsors and collaboratively come with an execution plan.

Agile product development process with total transparency


Co- Create phase

In this phase, SoftLink’s consultants along with the project manager will work with the client’s team to translate the scope and timelines into project deliverables. Both teams will work collaboratively to come up with MVP (Minimum Viable Proposition) models when needed. Both teams will agree on review cycles and control mechanisms for the product development. This phase is formally closed when SRS (software requirement specification) document is signed off. However, the teams will continue to review and integrate any change in customer requirements.

Scrum cycles

Once the scope is agreed, the product owner along with the development team will plan the Scrum sprints in which the progress will be actively managed within the agreed timelines, budget and scope. Our team will continuously engage with the client’s team to demonstrate the progress. This ensures that the scope is fully understood and the development team is on the right track. Once the product is fully tested and passes the Q/A checks it will be released for production.

Our Engineering Capabilities

Engineering team with high health care expertise

Having developed our own suite of healthcare IT products with successful projects delivered in the USA, Middle East and India, SoftLink has a track record for quality project delivery. We understand the sensitive requirements of healthcare customers from all over the World. Our team of experts have decades of experience in developing healthcare projects and many of our projects have been delivered ahead of time.

Own IP – Fast go to market

SoftLink owns several IPs which are readily available to be used for Healthcare related SW development. This enables fast development from ground zero and helps you to go to market with a full solution much faster than any other company or your in-house software development.

Process fully managed by QMS of SoftLink

Our development processes are very closely managed by our in-house QMS system along with ISO processes. This ensures that we don’t pass any bugs to the end customers and all our processes and developments are traced and tracked.

History of successful off shore project completion

The custom engineering department has a history of successful off shore product and solution development experience with many recognizable OEM brands. As we have NDA’s with many of the brands, reference can be furnished in due course.