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With the increasing amount of patient information being generated, there are new opportunities that are available to enhance the care experience for both the clinician as well as the patient. Hospital automation solutions help in revolutionizing the collection of patient data and also help to move this data in such a way that it empowers clinicians to deliver superior, evidence-based patient care.

The term “hospital automation” is very broad, and actually means automating and integrating patient data generated from patient monitors, lab equipment, medical imaging equipment etc apart from automating the standard flow of patients in the Hospital.

The strength of hospital automation system lies in how integrating some aspects of healthcare, benefits clinicians, care teams, Biomed/IT, and telehealth and aftercare specialists streamline workflows, minimize manual documentation, enhance the care experience for patients, and extend care beyond the hospital and into the home.

Hospital Automation System Healthcare automation technology workflow
Hospital Automation System Healthcare automation technology Animated gif
PANACEA Hospital Automation System Healthcare automation technology

Our Software and the implementation methodology are built for agility and easy customization to meet your clinician’s needs in a fast and efficient manner.

Our innovative business models will help you switch from legacy HIS solutions to a fully managed, evolved hospital information system.

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  • Web enabled and ready for cloud
  • App interface for access outside hospital on any device
  • Compliant to all leading international standards.
  • Long list of ready to implement modules
  • Agile development for new functionalities and modules
  • Qualified interface for proprietary and non-proprietary devices

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