Integration Services

Our turn-key integration solution offers 100% connected workflow when it comes to automation in hospitals. We offer a full range of standard, non-proprietary and proprietary interface solutions with over 25 years of experience.

We have the experience of working with many OEMs for integration based on standard and non-standard interfaces. We have hundreds of years of combined experience with healthcare database environments amassing a large volume of complex data from multiple clinical systems.

A dedicated team of QA and program managers ensures top-quality development, testing and deployment.

HL7 Integration

HL7 integration is the standard for integration between HIS, RIS and PACS. In case the 3rd party SW doesn’t support HL7 our HL7 engine can help translate the non-HL7 message to HL7.

SoftLink’s HL7 engine is recommended as a standard for all PACS solutions due to its simplicity, high success and dependability. Our skilled integration team has delivered in multiple occasions very complex integrations and made sure that customer has a fully integrated solution to eliminate data re-entry errors and polluted patient data base.

Dicom Integration

All our RIS/PACS/CVIS/CPACS solutions support full DICOM functionalities like DMWL, DSR, MPPS and DICOM Archive. We help customers store even non-native DICOM images like ECGs in DICOM formats. We have in-house DICOM converters and engines that help customers maintain all data in standard non-proprietary formats to protect their patient’s interests and clinical data continuity.

API integration

For 3rd party SW integrations, SoftLink’s integration teams will work closely with the vendors to achieve back-end integration at the desktop level. This allows seamless connection and workflow between SoftLink and other 3rd party SW. We use Application Program Interface (API) tool kit that allows deeper integration with 3rd party software like voice recognition or advanced post-processing.

Proprietary SW integration

SoftLink’ s integration engine is capable of managing clinical and non-clinical data. Our experienced integration team develops new interfaces to fully automate customer workflow. The engine offers high performance and high availability designs so there is negligible downtime and full failover in case of outages.