PACS Radiology Software | PACS System Radiology Cost

Features of Radiology PACS

PACS Radiology Software | PACS System Radiology Cost Features
Robust technology platform

Imagine PACS is built on a platform that supports hundreds of simultaneous users across multiple sites. The technology delivers high availability and is fail-safe to have uninterrupted patient care delivery.

Solution that fits your workflow

Imagine PACS software can be adapted to exactly match your workflow and clinical needs. We have a robust workflow engine & configuration toolsets that offers unmatched flexibility & performance.

Truly Vendor neutral PACS

An inbuilt vendor-neutral archive within imagine PACS ensures no  “proprietary” data is stored in the database. We standardize all data before we send it to our DB.

Advanced functionality

The functionalities include advanced post-processing, hanging protocols and multiple monitors’ support. We offer add-on features like 3D post-processing & AI ML applications through our partners.

Functionality Radiology PACS

Radiology automation simplified.

With Imagine PACS you digitize image management all the way. The solution is easily scalable from a single modality work spot to an enterprise PACS solution.

All in one Radiology viewer

View and report all radiology images from Gen X-ray to CT/MR, Ultrasound to DSA at one spot. The intuitive interface will fetch the priors and display them according to predetermined protocols.

PACS Radiology Software | PACS System Radiology Cost functionality
PACS Radiology Software | PACS System Radiology Cost Benefits

Benefits Radiology PACS

Better patient experience

With digital post-processing and reporting, you will be able to offer the best patient experience through speed and quality of report generation.

Go digital, go filmless

The PACS application will support your vision of a fully digital and full filmless workflow. Additionally, images can be accessed outside the hospital premises depending on your needs.

Guaranteed speed and data availability

We store all images in hard discs following the strict guidelines for fail-over and disaster recovery. This ensures that you not only get fast access to your images but will never lose any image.

Improved throughput and ROI

Our users report much better patient throughput, faster turnaround time of reports, and staff utilization. Further, it would result in a much better ROI for the investment.

Integration Radiology PACS

Our Imagine PACS is fully HL7 and DICOM compliant making it easy to be integrated with any EMR or data management solution. The Imagine PACS can also be integrated with other RIS solutions using desktop API. For more details visit our integration services page.

Deployment Radiology PACS

Our Imagine PACS supports the following deployment models

  • On-premise installation – All hardware installed at customer premises
  • Private cloud – All hardware on a private cloud either customer-owned or through SoftLink cloud
  • Public cloud – All hardware services hosted on a public cloud like Amazon or azure and can be used as cloud based radiology pacs.
  • Pay per use model – All hardware owned and hosted by SoftLink and customer pays only for the usage of the Imagine PACS application


  • All in one viewer
  • Dicom print and Dicom CD writing functions
  • Always online archive strategy
  • Multi monitor support
  • Advanced post processing tools and plugins

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