Hospital Information Management System-HIMS

PANACEA HIMS is a web-based and Cloud-enabled Hospital Information Management System Software. It is designed to replicate the day-to-day workflow of hospitals digitally. PANACEA has a uniform and intuitive graphical user interface across the different modules. It helps users to have point-and-click access to all the business functions with optimum use of a keyboard, mouse.

The functions available in PANACEA are created to address the current and future demands of different hospital specialties. Panacea-Lite is targeted at small to mid-size Hospitals. Whereas, Panacea Enterprise can be used by large private and Government Hospitals.

Moreover, hospitals can decide to start small and move from Lite to the Enterprise version as it grows. In addition, it’s fully integrated modules provide configurable applications that cover complete administrative, clinical, and financial services.

hospital information management system software workflow

At the core of PANACEA is the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), made possible by the unified database with a plugin-style integration. The EMR integrates a Document Imaging & delivery system.  Further, that allows instantaneous scanning, storage, and retrieval of both electronically generated and handwritten material from any terminal in the PANACEA. Inbuilt Clinical Modules help to collect discrete Clinical data which can be analyzed for trend analysis in the future.

Features of Hospital Information Management System-HIMS

Hospital ERP

Panacea – Hospital Information Management System Software HIMS is a complete healthcare ERP suite for small and large hospitals and health care services. Apart from automating the patient workflow in the hospital, it automates all the back-office modules like Inventory, Finance, HR, etc. and ensures that all the clinical services are also automated and integrated.

Flexible Deployment

Panacea is developed in such a way that it can be deployed on the cloud or on-premise. SoftLink has its own cloud infrastructure and the same can be leveraged by small to medium-size hospitals. Additionally, Panacea is also tested and hosted on standard cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, etc. Traditional on-premise is deployment is always there. No matter which option is taken, data is always owned by the hospital.

Global Standards

Panacea is developed to ensure that it can work seamlessly with other medical equipment and software in the hospital. This is ensured by complying with the software with Global standards like Hl7, DICOM, IHE, HIPPA, ICD 9&10, CPT codes, SNOWMED CT etc. Panacea is also compliant with the recently launched National Digital Health Ecosystem (NDHM).

App enabled

m-Panacea is the must-have app with every stakeholder, be it Patients, Doctors, Administrators or Promoters of hospitals using the Hospital Information & Management System will benefit from. It features a simple, paginated design that comes with a host of features, and strikes that perfect balance of functionality and ease of use.

Advantages of Hospital Information Management System-HIMS

  • Reduce chances of costly medical errors by the transmission of data for interpretation
  • Reduced wait time for test results and diagnosis
  • Doctors can access patient reports from anywhere
  • Continuous process improvement that eliminates redundancy, saves time and improves revenue
  • Versatile solutions for managing the intricacies of the revenue cycle
  • Better utilization of personnel and resources
  • Enable quick access of financial data to key stake holders
  • Streamline inventory, manage accounts and vendors by eliminating manual, redundant tasks
  • On demand availability of Laboratory, Radiology and Pharmacy information
  • Significant improvement in accounts receivables
  • Qualified interfaces available for various equipment

Key Features

  • ICD 9/10 Code Support
  • HIPPA Compliance
  • HL7 Conformance
  • Seamless Integration with PACS / RIS
  • Bar Code Interface
  • Smart Card Interface
  • Lab Equipment Interface

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