Robust technology

The IDS is designed for multisite, multi-center configuration. The solution offers full functionality and scalability on very low bandwidth.

Smart bundle

From patient registration to payment gateways, from inventory to financial modules, from image acquisition to distribution, IDS offers all the right functionalities needed.

Designed for tele radiology

Whether it is for central reporting of remote centers or digital workflow for referral programs, our solution is made for tele radiology.

Higher ROI

With our risk-sharing model, easy scalability and modular application choice you only spend for what you need.


End to end automation

IDS automates everything from the front office to inventory including all clinical functions to deliver end-to-end automation. Features like central dashboards, patient tracking, home collection and patient app interface make it easy to manage your centers while delivering the best patient experience.

Advance clinical functions for best patient care

IDS package includes all the functionalities of advanced RIS and PACS offering post-processing, reporting and analytics to the users. The ZFP viewer delivers critical clinical information to referring physicians or tertiary hospitals when needed.



Fully digital full efficiency

Once every aspect of the workflow is digital, patient management efficiency increases. The center benefits from reducing human errors, pilferage.

Better asset utilization

The clinical data in IDS can be accessed from any mobile or laptop and on any IOS, Windows or Android platforms. The existing HW assets are better utilized as we don’t recommend unnecessary upgrades.


Use technology to expand your business

IDS software and hardware design can scale from a few hundred studies to thousands of studies. IDS can expand from a single site to a multisite.

Improved throughput and ROI

Better patient experience, improved patient flow, better asset and resource utilization has a direct positive impact on the bottom line. With Softlink’s innovative business models you will have a much better ROI compared to any other SW solution.


IDS is a complete package with all functionalities of HIS/RIS/PACS and enterprise viewing. We don’t see the need for any other application in your clinics or radiology centers. In case needed you may choose to have other 3rd party SW applications integrated with IDS  based on API, HL7 and Dicom standards.


Our IDS supports the following deployment models

  • On-premise installation – All hardware installed at customer premises
  • Private cloud – All hardware on a private cloud either customer-owned or through Softlink cloud
  • Public cloud – All hardware services hosted on a public cloud like Amazon or azure
  • Pay per use model – All hardware owned and hosted by Softlink and the customer pays only for the usage of the IDS application


  • Web based RIS
  • App enabled
  • Device agnostic
  • Full radiology automation
  • Multiple deployment models

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