CPACS - Cardiology PACS System

Features of cardiology PACS System

CPACS-Cardiology PACS System Cardiac PACS System-Features
Robust technology platform

Our platform offers federated CPACS for multiple locations, web based administration, central performance monitoring, easily scalable to multimodality and multi-site configurations.

Advanced functionality

Designed by users & evolved over time our solution meets the entire needs of the cardiology department. Our extensive functionalities include Configurable lay outs, advanced QCA/LVA tools and  multimodality viewing.

Customizable and configurable.

We have a long list of standard and optional modules available to meet your demands. From simple standalone solution to enterprise cardiac IT management, we offer full flexibility and freedom of choice.

Solution that fits your workflow

We can exactly match your workflow and clinical needs with our agile development and experienced design team.  We have a robust workflow engine & configuration toolsets that offers unmatched flexibility & performance.

Functionality of Cardiology PACS System

End to end Cardiology automation

Using our CPACS you can go beyond just Cath lab. Our CPACS supports cardiac image viewing and post processing for Cardiac modalities including CT, MR, Ultrasound, ECG and stress test.

All in one cardiology viewing and distribution

You can easily meet the demands of patients, clinicians, administrators and regulators with our CPACS. It helps you to view, report, distribute, archive and retrieve cardiology images in a secure way for a long period.


Benefits of CPACS

Access patient data anywhere

With our suite of Cardiac image viewing options, we ensure you have secure access to patient data anywhere and at any time. Our application is enabled for on-demand post-processing, digital distribution and reporting.

Better patient care and patient experience

We activate access to clinical data at the point of care. Doctors at different departments can collaborate for better care delivery. The Cardiac PACS portal ensures that cross-referencing of clinical data is made easy.


Quick access and safe data storage

We store all images in hard discs following strict guidelines for fail-over and disaster recovery. This ensures that you get fast access to images and never lose any image.

Improved throughput and ROI

Our users report much better patient throughput, faster turnaround time of reports and staff utilization resulting in much better ROI.


HCP-Dicom Net – A Cardiac PACS system is fully HL7 and DICOM compliant making it easy to integrate with any EMR or any OEM Cath labs. The CPACS can also be integrated with other CVIS solutions using API. For more details visit our integration services page.


To match customer needs HCP Dicom Net supports the following deployment models

  • On-premise installation – All hardware installed at customer premises
  • Pay per use model – All hardware owned and hosted by Softlink and the customer pays only for the usage of the C-PACS application


  • All in one viewer
  • Multi monitor support with multi view layout support
  • Advanced post processing tools and plugins
  • Patient centric and timeline based worklist

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