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SoftLink launches Asset Management system for Hospitals

SoftLink’s Asset Management System (AMS) will help hospitals to enhance the knowledge of Capital Assets and their respective Value. With SoftLink AMS – hospitals can maintain, upgrade and operate physical asssets of the hospital. With the help of standard processes and tools AMS helps in organized and logical investment decision making.

Key features includes :

  • Maintains a database of your fixed assets
  • Works seamlessly with RFID Devices & Bar Code Devices
  • Print barcodes on your laser printer
  • Reconcile inventory by scanning
  • Track Asset Location
  • Track Moved Assets
  • Track Depreciation
  • Report on missing, found, or moved assets
  • Track Asset Depreciation
  • Maintains financial details and calculates depreciation
  • Export depreciation data for use by other software
  • Incorporates a complete history of asset scans and asset movement for each asset on file
  • Multiple reports are availble like reports by department, by category, etc
  • Track Items which are  out for repair
Author: Softlink International