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Apollo Hospitals has dedicated Centers of Excellence for several key specialties and super specialties. They are unique and state of the art facilities spread across several of the Apollo hospital location and each Centre of Excellence stands out as a citadel of excellence.

SoftLink International bags order for installation of Cardiac Imaging Network – Enterprise Suite connecting to five Cathlabs in the Hospital. SoftLink Cardiac Imaging Network will help hospital user to review cardiology images (DICOM) within the hospital network as well as on the internet. SoftLink’s Cardiac Imaging Network is a completely web based PACS with advanced Image enhancement tools, Quantification tools, CD/DVD distribution and long term archival.

Doctors will be able to access images on their laptops (Windows OS, Mac OS), Smartphones over wifi within Hospital and over web anywhere in the world. This will give them complete flexibility to access patient images from anywhere and using any device.

Author: Softlink International