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IGMC, Shimla implements HCP DICOM NET for Cardiology Department

Indira Gandhi Medical College at Shimla (HPMC) was established in the year 1966. Indira Gandhi Medical College is affiliated to Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla. With the establishment of Medical College in the State, the hopes and aspirations of the people of the state were met with the standards of health services going on and students befitting  with the advantage of staying home and getting better educational avenues.

SoftLink deployed HCP DICOM NET (Cardiology PACS) at ICMC, Shimla. The solution has created a centralized archive of patient images for the entire cardiology department.  Five networked enterprise review work-stations are strategically placed to increase physicians’ access to patient images (records) during patient interaction and consultation. This results in improved workflow as well as better patient care in the cardiology department at ICMC hospital.

Author: Softlink International