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Breach Candy Hospital decides on C-PACS from SoftLink International

For over 50 years the Breach Candy Hospital Trust (Mumbai), has been a beacon of light for the suffering. Situated on the coastline of South Mumbai, the 173 bedded hospital, is renowned for its medical expertise, excellent nursing care and quality diagnostics. Specialists on the hospital’s panel of doctors include some of the most distinguished names in Indian medical profession. Many procedures in routine use including Coronary Angioplasty, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Critical Care ICU and Hysteroscopy were first performed here. The hospital has earned national recognition as a leader in interventional cardiology.

After understanding the exact requirement of hospital, SoftLink decided to install C-PACS solution connecting to Cathlab with approximately one year of on-line storage on a high-end RAIDL5 server to store patient images. The solution will create a centralized archive for the entire department.

Enterprise DICOM Workstations are strategically placed across the hospital to increase physicians’ access to patient data and improve the workflow for the operation. The solution significantly improves capability for doctor consultation. In addition to rapidly accessible, high-quality visual images, Quality Control tools can potentially provide a more accurate diagnosis of the disease and cost savings by decreasing the amount of devices used on intervention cases.

The simultaneous review of patient images from multiple modalities, in multiple windows positions the cardiologist to make a better diagnosis as he has 360 degree view of all the diagnostic images of a patient on ONE screen!

Author: Softlink International