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Echo PACS Echocardiography PACS ge EchoPAC System Features
Robust technology platform

The Echo Viewer has been tested for hundreds of simultaneous users running multiple Echo loops studies. The architecture offers high availability and fail-safe designs.

Advanced functionality

The application offers a rich viewing experience for Echo images with viewers like XR and NM as standard. Echo viewer acts as a portal for you to access all cardio images at one place.

Integrated viewers

Tight integration with Echo scheduling and reporting solution ensures menu less operation and lower chance of errors.

Multivendor interface

The Echo viewer can display images from leading OEMs. Clinical findings can be easily populated from ultrasound scans to a patient file through Dicom structured reports reducing the need for rework.


All in one Echo management solution

Review, post-process and report your echo images from one single work spot. Gain critical insights through DSR imports and advanced measurement tools.

Echo PACS focused on your clinical needs

Leverage the full functionality of the Echo PACS like side-by-side comparison, storage, archive and distribution features in stand-alone configuration or in an enterprise version.

Echo PACS Echocardiography PACS ge EchoPAC System Functionality


Echo PACS Echocardiography PACS ge EchoPAC System Benefits

End to end Echo department automation

Combined with the dedicated Echo reporting solution (ERS), Echo PACS can make the Echocardiography department fully digital.

Best patient care delivery

All the needed data is provided on demand for the best patient care delivery through portal-based access to all cardiac studies with advanced post-processing.

Scalability with no known limits

From single modality management to multiple Echo devices, single site to multisite configurations our Echo PACS can scale as per your business and clinical needs.

Improved throughput and ROI

Free up your expensive echo stations for new examinations since you can complete examinations reviewing and reporting using our Echo PACS solution.


Our Echo PACS is fully HL7 and DICOM compliant making it easy to integrate with any EMR or data management solution. The Echo PACS is truly vendor neutral which offers best modality integration with all leading Echo manufacturers. For more details visit our integration services page.

Deployment of EchoPAC System

Our EchoPAC System supports the following deployment models

  • On-premise installation – All hardware installed at customer premises
  • Private cloud – All hardware on a private cloud either customer-owned or through SoftLink cloud
  • Public cloud – All hardware services hosted on a public cloud like Amazon or Azure
  • Pay per use model – All hardware owned and hosted by SoftLink and customer pays only for the usage of the Echo PACS application


  • All in one viewer
  • Dicom structured reporting
  • All leading OEMs echo modality interface

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