HCP Registry Suite

HCP Registry Suite: A cloud-based clinical registry solution



National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR) is ACC's suite of data registries helping hospitals, health systems and practices measure and improve the quality of cardiovascular care they provide. NCDR registries cover a wide range of clinical topics and cardiovascular procedures, with each registry featuring standardized, evidence-based data elements and definitions.


SoftLink’s HCP Registry Suite is clinical registry software in which users can enter, maintain, view and submit data to NCDR via the web. SoftLink is a certified vendor for the following ACC NCDR programs:

  • AFib Ablation Registry™ v1.0
  • ICD Registry™ v2.2
  • CathPCI Registry v5.0


It’s a cloud-based clinical registry software in which users can enter, maintain and view data via the web. Its architecture allows flexibility to adapt the application to changing information demands within the hospital as well as from the registries. HL7/DICOM Broker Engine at its core, SoftLink's Registry Suite allows interface and import of data from a multitude of Recording Systems, Reporting Systems, EMRs and HIS. Its Data Dictionary is kept updated by an automatic sync with ACC-NCDR without any additional effort by the hospital. The application supports changes in registry data via automatic data migration to the new version. Thus providing a seamless transition of all historical data stored for reporting and research purposes.


SoftLink’s HCP Registry Suite can be deployed in multiple models as outlined below:

  • Within hospital premises as a private cloud (Network)
  • Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN) for multiple centers or hospitals within an enterprise group
  • Shared public cloud hosted by SoftLink for ease of deployment and vendor-managed infrastructure